Healthcare Digest | Episode 5: 7 HIPAA Compliance Challenges for Healthcare Organizations

July 28, 2021

Seven HIPAA Compliance Challenges for Healthcare Organizations to Consider

Diana Ramirez | Manager, Mazars Healthcare Consulting Practice | Mazars
Justin Frazer | Director, Mazars Healthcare Consulting Practice | Mazars

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Key Items Considered

  1. Keep Track of Laws and Regulations
  2. Maintain PHI and Information Secured
  3. Protect Digital Devices
  4. Digital Data and Physical Too
  5. Engage the Enterprise
  6. Monitor Business Associate Agreements
  7. Investigation Allegations

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Healthcare data is governed by laws and regulations and it is of utmost importance for organizations to keep it safe. If not protected, it can fall into the wrong hands and it gives a criminal everything they need to commit medical identity theft (The Rise of Medical Identity Theft – Consumer Reports). Small and large organizations face HIPAA compliance challenges and heeding the following seven vital tips can help your organization minimize risks.

HIPAA can be difficult to comply with, but it’s a necessity. It is in the best interest of the HIPAA-covered entities to be compliant. Noncompliance is noncompliance, regardless of the organization lacking knowledge or resources. As healthcare and technology continue to evolve, we will continue to encounter new and old challenges. Maintaining HIPAA compliance can be burdensome for any size organization and if anything, past noncompliance matters and HIPAA breaches have taught us that all organizations on susceptible to risks and big fines.

Mazars specialists from the Healthcare Consulting Practice, Diana Ramirez and Justin Frazer, discuss this and more in this Mazars Healthcare Digest video. Learn more or contact Mazars to connect with specialists to find out how Mazars helps healthcare organizations.

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