Healthcare Digest | Episode 6: Best Practices for Health Plan Internal Audit

August 24, 2021

Best Practices for Health Plan Internal Audit

Laura Peth | Principal, Mazars Healthcare Consulting Practice | Mazars
Jennifer St. Marie | Senior Consultant, Mazars Healthcare Consulting Practice | Mazars

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Key Items Considered

  1. How to Determine What to Audit
  2. Things to Consider Before You Audit
  3. Internal Auditor Conduct
  4. Sampling
  5. What to Review When Auditing

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What are some best practices for a health plan internal audit? Principal Laura Peth and Senior Consultant Jennifer St. Marie of the Mazars Healthcare Consulting Practice discuss the purpose and object of an internal audit, developing a workplan, collecting data, measuring compliance and nonconformance, and more. Learn more or contact Mazars to connect with specialists to find out how Mazars helps healthcare organizations.

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Disclaimer: While this recording and its materials are up-to-date as of this time of this presentation, please be advised that due to the fluidity of the current national emergency, information is rapidly changing. Mazars does not represent or warrant that this information will always be up-to-date, complete, or accurate. Any representation or warranty that might be otherwise implied is expressly disclaimed. The information presented is not legal advice. You are advised to seek professional and/or legal advice, as appropriate, from competent professionals and/or counsel licensed in your jurisdiction.




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